Gas Fireplace Repair and Common Problems

All Seasons Fireplaces, Pools, and Spas has more than 3 decades worth of experience providing gas fireplace repair services for residential and commercial clients. Fireplace owners, particularly those who use gas fireplaces, all know the importance of timely repair. Things can get dangerous if a problematic fireplace is not caught and repaired immediately. A problem left unchecked could lead not only to damaged property, but loss of lives as well. 

The main problem is that gas fireplaces are sometimes too complex for the average person to inspect. This is why you need companies like All Seasons Fireplaces, Pools, and Spas to come in to ensure that your fireplace is in tip top shape. But that does not mean the average homeowner should leave everything to the professionals. There are common problems with gas fireplaces that should tip you off when it is the time to call us for gas fireplace repair.

Problems with the Underlying Piping

This is most likely the easiest one to detect, but it is also the most dangerous. You can easily tell if there is a problem with the underlying piping if there is no ignition and you start smelling rotten eggs. Drop everything that you are doing and immediately deactivate the valve, then vent your home and evacuate everyone. Then call us ASAP, because this is not the kind of problem that you should even attempt to fix on your own.


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Problems with the Thermocouple

There are older gas fireplaces that use a thermocouple in order to ignite the natural gas. This is a simple metal rod that sits between the gas valve and the burning pilot flame. One of the advantages of a simple system like this is that problems are sometimes easy to address. The thermocouple may just need to be re-positioned correctly. But for really old systems, the problem could require a replacement of the thermocouple itself. In which case, it is time to contact All Seasons Fireplace, Pools, and Spas.

Burner Issues

The burner part of a gas fireplace is usually accessible enough that fireplace owners sometimes try to perform gas fireplace repair on their own. This is fine if the issue is only caused by dirt-build up, in which case cleaning the burners will be enough. But there are also cases when there is a problem with the circuitry of the burner itself, causing unexpected behavior with the thermostat setting. This is a problem that is best left to professionals, even if you can access the circuitry itself.

Noisy Blowers

There are cases when the gas fireplace will emit weird sounds, such as rumbling and roaring or even a shriek and grind. There are owners who don’t mind the noise and will usually leave it be. This is a terrible idea, because noisy blowers can be an indication of a more serious problems. At best, it may need cleaning but sometimes it could also require a replacement. 

Soot Build-Up

Soot build-up is a common problem that will happen to all fireplaces eventually. But fireplaces that have a problem with airflow will have soot build-ups sooner and more frequently. If the frequency of this problem is unnaturally high in your case, you should contact us so that we can conduct further inspections and perform gas fireplace repair if needed. 

Pilot Light Problems

There are many gas fireplaces that do not require electricity, but they rely on the pilot light. If this pilot light goes out, you won’t be able to ignite the fireplace. This is one of the easier problems to address, because it only requires you to relight the pilot light.

Keep in mind that the above problems are not mutually exclusive of each other. One or more could be applicable in your case. Even if you do not have any noticeable problems with your gas fireplace, it is still recommended to contact professional a fireplace maintenance company to do regular inspections, maintenance, and if applicable – repair. Being a house of fire for over 30 years enables us to provide our clients with product knowledge and multiple options so you can make the right choice aesthetically and heating wise. The possibilities are limitless!

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