Why Pools Need Regular Care and Maintenance

Pools are beautiful additions to any home but they can also be very difficult to keep clean. It’s important to not underestimate the importance of regular pool cleaning and maintenance. A clean pool can be a beautiful thing to look at but a dirty pool can be a breeding ground for all sorts of nasty bugs and bacteria. This article will look at why you need to clean your pool and how you can better keep it clean.

If you’re a pool owner, you know how important it is that you keep it clean. When the water is of high quality and is kept in a sanitary environment, the pool will be safer for swimming. Not only that, but a cleaned pool will look nicer and invite more people over! 

Why regularly maintain your swimming pools?

There are a few different reasons why you need to have regular care and maintenance on your pool.

First, it keeps the pool from becoming murky and dirty. If you don’t clean it properly, you won’t be able to see into it because of the dirt and gunk that collects on the bottom. Not only that but it’s also vital to keep it clean to prevent bacteria and dirt from entering it.

Second, it keeps the water clean, which prevents certain bacteria from multiplying and growing. It is also important to keep the water balanced with the correct pH levels, chlorine levels, and other compounds to increase the life of the pool and prevent any unwanted accidents. Maintaining your pool can be a little expensive, but it’s worth it to know that you’re not making people sick or compromising the quality of your swimming pool.

And, lastly, the pool will stay looking clean, which is great for people who have a pool because they’re trying to make the backyard look better. No doubt, everyone wants their pool to look pristine. Not only does a clean pool improve the aesthetic appeal of the backyard, but it also prevents potential problems. Over time, buildup begins to form on the sides and bottom of the pool, which can cause various issues. 

Pool Maintenance Tips

Keeping your pool clean doesn’t have to be a hassle. Each pool is different and therefore will need different amounts of maintenance, but cleaning it out regularly is all you really need to do to maintain the healthiness of it. You don’t always need special chemicals or even expensive tools to keep your pool in top condition because most of the time regular water changes are enough for the average pool. Here are some pool maintenance tips to keep your swimming pools clean.

1. Clean the Filter

There are many essential components of a swimming pool, some more obvious than others. In fact, we would argue that the filter component is at the top of that list and possibly even up there in importance as the pool itself! There are three kinds of swimming pool filters on the market today: Cartridge, Sand, or Diatomaceous Earth (DE) pools for example. Typically cartridge filter systems are best suited for small to mid-sized residential pools whereas DE or sand systems tend to work better for large commercial swimming pools. These days though you will also often find these same three types of pool filters featured on all types of swimming pool applications including spa filters as well so make sure not to neglect your aquatic trouble spot lest you remove it from its watery grave much too soon!

2. Maintain the Heater

A pool heater is one of the most essential elements when it comes to maintaining a clean and healthy pool. Another great way to keep your pool in tip-top shape is by using chlorine for weekly water maintenance. With so many factors at play every time you jump into your backyard oasis, having a properly maintained pool that’s safe for all ages generally requires both gas and electric heaters to get the job done regularly. Consult with your manufacturer’s manual for specific instructions regarding repair or cleaning!

3. Maintain the Water Level

During a swimming season, water will typically be lost to evaporation and regularly over time, but ensure to check the pool’s water level usually every week with a skimmer. If properly taken care of already, you may find that you will need to wait till it’s necessary since the necessary adjustments have already been made while cleaning up debris in the pool from week to week. If low on water though at any point during your swimming season, you may use a garden hose fitted with an attachment that is often used for watering plants and so forth to bring it back so that it is back at safe levels.

4. Super Chlorinate the Water

Chlorine is added to pool water to keep it clean and odor-free. However, ammonia and nitrogen build up in the water over time and create chloramines, which make such stinky chlorine odors. To get rid of this harsh smell, it’s necessary to super chlorinate or shock pool water back to normal chlorine levels, but that may seem counterintuitive because adding a large amount of chlorine can make an unpleasant odor disappear. Some pools should be shocked once a week if you want to keep them clean and smelling nice. But other pools can go as long as several weeks without needing to be shooed at all! 

As the sweltering summer heats up and the temperature rises, so do the chance of getting into a pool. Swimming is a great way to cool down and relax. However, enjoying the refreshing water may not be so relaxing if you don’t have a clean pool! Most pools need to be cleaned weekly using a vacuum or broom. If you notice any cloudiness or a strange odor, the pool probably needs a good chlorine shock. If your pool isn’t very old, you can use a monthly algicide instead. If you can’t get to your pool regularly, consider investing in a good pool service to help you out.

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